Remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Program (RSESTeP)

Engaging Local Communities
in NASA Earth Science

Goddard Space Flight Center is home to NASA Earth Science. Earth Observing Satellites continually orbit the globe collecting crucial information about our world’s ever changing atmosphere, oceans and land surfaces.

RSESTeP is a three-tiered (Satellite, R/C Plane and Ground-truthing) Remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Program that trains 4th – 12th grade classroom science teachers how to use cutting edge NASA resources and technologies to implement Earth Science Missions with students and communities.

Teachers nationwide submit ideas for local Earth Science Missions that are of importance to local communities. Selected mission teachers are then invited to come to NASA Goddard Space Flight Center for a week of Summer RSESTeP training which includes satellite data acquisition and analysis, Remote Controlled Plane payload operations and ground-truthing data collection.

During the school year, trained RSESTeP teachers partner with local scientists and certified Academy of Model Aeronautics pilots to implement planned missions with their students and community.

Currently there are 28 teachers from 22 states participating in NASA’s RSESTeP. Certified teachers may continue to request RSESTeP equipment to extend or implement new missions.

For additional information about Goddard’s Remote Sensing Earth Science Teacher Program please contact Sallie M. Smith, ED RSESTeP Mission Coordinator at: or (301) 286-4674.